This is totally what you get for coming to my house, unannounced, during dinner

So, because I misread the confirmation email, I waited all day at home for a package of leggings I’d ordered from Amazon to arrive on Tuesday.

Just as I’d gotten dinner on the table, the doorbell rang. Keep in mind,  I have a “No Soliciting” spelled out in big stick-on letters on my screen door.

Me: Oh god I hope that’s my package.

Son: It probably is.

I open the door.

Missionaries: Hi.

Me: Uh…can I help you?

Missionaries: No, actually we’re hoping WE can help YOU. We’re missionaries from the Church of Latter Day Saints.

Me (sarcastically): Good for you.

Son: WOOO! (complete with hopping around and arm waving. They looked a tad disconcerted by this)

Missionaries: Um..anyway, we’d like to talk to you about our lord and savior Jesus Christ. May we come in and talk to you for a moment? We won’t take but a few minutes of your time. Please?

Me: Um..I’m kind of in the middle of dinner (which was the truth. I’d JUST pulled dinner out of the oven and had eaten exactly half a bite when the door bell rang).

Missionaries: Maybe we could join you?!?!?

Me: O.o No thanks. Anyway we’re really not interested. Be safe out there.

They walked away, looking disappointed. I was kind of weirded out that they tried to invite themselves in for dinner and if my son hadn’t been standing there, I would’ve told them I was a baby-sacrificing blood drinking Satan worshipper or something. Just to watch them freak out, because it would’ve been funny.

Or rather, funny TO ME because I have a kind of weird sense of humor like that. Maybe not funny to anyone else.


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