Goodbye, little bricked phone

(to the tune of “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” by Elton John)

So goodbye, little bricked phone

You are making me howl

I can’t charge you no more

I’m crawling back in bed now

Cursing and screaming “Why me?”

This isn’t fair now

I’ve finally decided you’re worthless little bricked phone


Sadly, the Nottaphone has finally died. I can’t get the battery to charge anymore and I can’t afford to replace it right away either. Which is making me really sad.  My anxiety is going “You need to *EAT ALL THE THINGS* to make this feeling go away. So go do it. NOW.” I can’t even go walk because even though I now own the appropriate clothing for walking in weather that would normally be too cold for me to walk in, I can’t summon the will to get up and get dressed since the only thing that’s been keeping me going lately has been the Zombies Run app and my music.

AND I need to clean house, which would normally help a little since I”m actually doing *something* but my husband is in bed sleeping since he didn’t get home till around 3 this morning (yay retail! Yay for stores being open on Thanksgiving. :-/) and I don’t want to disturb him. And while he doesn’t have to be in to work until later this afternoon, I don’t want him (once he wakes up) to have to go to a retail store and fight the crowds for a stupid, cheap prepaid phone. And I don’t want to go myself because crowds make me anxious..sometimes to the point where I can’t function.

Sometimes, being broken SUCKS. Also being broke.


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