My hands smell like bacon

And not for a good reason either. I was digging through the trash, which included some old nasty uncooked bacon I threw away yesterday when I cleaned out the fridge.

Thursday night we went out to dinner and as usual, I grabbed my Kindle to take with me because I almost never leave home without it. I was pretty sure I brought it back in from the car when we got home, but I must not have. Because despite having cleaned my house from top to bottom and searching under/behind all the beds, the couch and the double recliner, I can’t find the goddamned thing. I even went so far as to go through the last bag of garbage (our trash day is Wednesday, so trash hasn’t been taken away since then) I threw away since it’s been missing to double check it wasn’t in there. And it wasn’t. And now my hands stink like nasty bacon and I can’t get the smell off even though I’ve washed my hands three times now. Bleurgh.

Just to be safe, in case I DID leave it at the restaurant (which I’ll call them later or have my husband check in there on his way home from work) I de-registered my device per Amazon’s advice.

I’m really mad at myself that it’s missing. The last time it went missing, it was under the bed. Now, I have no idea where the damn thing went and I still have two books I need to finish and review for NetGalley.

AND a book I need to add to my library so I can read it for the February book club selection for my book club (I don’t need to add the January book, “Furiously Happy” by Jenny Lawson. I own a hardback copy of that already and it’s one of my favorites).

Kindle, come home or make thyself known!!


::edit:: I found the was behind my double recliner where I SWEAR I looked before when I’d gotten down on my hands and knees to see if it was underneath the recliner.


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