Eff this..I’m getting a REAL charm bracelet

Last year, while on one of our cruises, I took advantage of one of the many offers for free crap from various vendors in the port area which they always shove at you as you’re walking off the ship. Diamonds International (aka DI) will give you a crappy “gold” charm bracelet and crappy “gold” charms when you present your coupon at their various stores (which include Diamonds International as well as Tanzite International). So I got a bracelet and some charms.

Two of which, through NO FAULT OF MY OWN (well..ok. Maybe it was my fault) have broken off and gotten lost.

You know, growing up, there were those girls with charm bracelets and then there were the REST of us who wished we had charm bracelets but our parents just didn’t love us enough to buy them for us. They would walk by, the charms making a tinkle-tinkle sound as they walked, with fifteen or so pounds (or so I imagined) of gold or silver charms hanging off their wrist. There was a very BRIEF period in mid to late elementary school when plastic charm bracelets and necklaces were ALL the rage. They had oversized plastic charms that had clips so you could change them out as needed and most of them had tiny little tinkle bells so they jingled as you busted out your sweet sweet moves to your favorite Tiffany or New Kids On The Block song.


And I’m pretty sure I had one of those at some point.

But dadgummit, I’m a grown up now and I want a friggin grown up charm bracelet. If Santa (or somebody) is nice enough to grace me with a Hobby Lobby or Michael’s gift card this year, I am going to buy the supplies I need to make myself an honest to god grown up charm bracelet.


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