The suddenly unexpected accidental Christmas party

Right now, I’m sitting at my desk, trying to calm myself down because apparently, we’re supposed to go to an accidental Christmas party this evening and my anxiety is through the roof.

Husband’s volunteer group (which works with the fire department) wasn’t going to have a Christmas party this year, because it was going to wipe out their budget. Instead, they decided to buy all of the firefighters small gift cards to  the Kroger that thinks it wants to be a WalMart (I wish I were kidding. It’s very strange). So, today, I get told that we (meaning Son and myself) are invited out to dinner with about twenty fire fighters and some of the members of the volunteer group. It’s not a Christmas party, Husband has told me. It’s just dinner with a Christmas theme. To me, that STILL suggests Christmas party. And it was unexpected. And I’m freaking out.

Oh god..I need to calm down. And I will try. But I’m not entirely sure I’ll be successful. My heart is racing (or at least feels that way) and I can feel every nerve end twinging with anxious energy.


::edit:: It is now around 2 hrs until we have to leave. I’ve eaten an entire can of sour cream and onions Pringles and binged on Gilmore Girls and gone for a walk.

I still feel like a bundle of raw nerves, with crazy ants crawling around under my skin because I’m so nervous. I haaaaaaaate parties.


::edit 2:: It is now around 30 min until we leave. I am washed, dried, lotioned, powdered and make upped. Sonthing is cleaned and ready to go. Husband is taking his shower now.

I’m no less nervous than I was earlier today. In fact..I might be MORE nervous.


::edit 3:: We’re leaving in 5 min or so.

Fuck this..I’m taking a book with me. I don’t care if I’m that weirdo who’s not interacting with anybody.


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