Aaaand there goes our budget

So tonight at my library’s book club meeting slash holiday party, the leader of the group (who also happens to be the director) told us about the book festival she’s going to try and hold in March. She said she was trying to track down some authors and illustrators and others who work in teh publishing industry to come do talks or have booths our first ever book festival.

She told us she was so impressed by Jenny Lawson (Let’s Pretend This Never Happened and Furiously Happy aka The Bloggess) that she contacted her PR people to see about having her come out.

Dude. It would cost us fifteen grand. Which OK..I don’t doubt that she can command pretty much any price she wants probably, but we’re a small town library and they probably don’t spend fifteen grand a year on new BOOKS let alone one person coming to speak.

Which, if she DID come, that would be awesome…and of course I, being the fan girl that I am, would just sit over in a corner with my mouth hanging open while I acted like a complete and total idiot because I DO NOT know how to act around famous people. Seriously. I would be too excited slash freaked out to say more than two words, let alone form a coherent sentence.

So we have no idea who might be coming to our little shindig, outside of a teacher at one of our elementary schools who is also a published illustrator for children’s books (and a totally awesome amazing artist to boot).

Jenny, darling…if you read this..we love you. We’d love for you to come visit our smallish town, hang out with us, go to the Hula Hut and drink frozen margaritas while watching a fake volcano spew smoke every half hour or so. Seriously. 😀


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