Clickbaity in the worst way

Dear websites,


PLEASE for the love of crap if you’re going to publish an article called..whatever the article I want to read is called..can you please actually publish it AS AN ARTICLE and not as a motherloving ‘slide show’ that I have to click through and click through for twenty frigging pages?

Because while I do find the headline about how moms have absolutely gone off on other people who “stole” the names they’d picked out for their unborn children interesting..I don’t want to have to click through twenty pages of slides to read the article.

And that’s another thing…why are these women upset that somebody “stole” their baby name? As far as I know, names don’t BELONG to anybody. They didn’t invent the name in question (unless they did because it’s a unique/unusual spelling of a regular name or it’s just a bunch of letters they threw together that they though would sound cool as a name). They don’t own any rights to the name. It’s just a NAME. And names are for everybody. So somebody else picked the same name you liked. BIG FRIGGING DEAL. It’s just a name. There is really no need to go get so upset about it..especially if that involves throwing books at people’s heads (as one mom said she did. OK so technically it was a pregnancy journal, but a journal is still a book).




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