Those were the worst Pop Rocks ever

So a little birdie told my husband that I had a gift from a former coworker waiting for me at the departmental office. I go in to get it today and find that yes indeedy, my former coworker has gotten me a gift–a beaded clutch purse thing which is very cute and there were some candies and things from her home country of Pakistan (which she recently visited) as well.

The sesame seed candy wasn’t bad, the hard nut candy was really good. And then there were THESE things.


I could hear inside a rattle-y, crunchy sort of noise and I thought maybe they were going to be like mint-flavored Pop Rocks, so I cut one end off and just poured the contents into my mouth.

They were SO not Pop Rocks.  According to the ingredients list on the back what was inside was mint and sugar flavored coriander, sesame and fennel seeds. Which, I’m sure they taste fine on their own, but NOT when you douse them in fake mint and pure saccharine. Bleurgh. I just couldn’t believe what was in my mouth. I was like, “Is this..nutty? Is it seed-y tasting? I mean WHAT is this?” I had to spit out the partially chewed up seeds and go rinse out my mouth it was that gross.

I realize that in other countries, they have different ideas of what tastes good. But I seriously cannot think of a single person who would think that coriander, fennel and sesame seeds doused in fake mint tastes good.


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