At least it’s nearly over

We were supposed to wrap gifts last night..or rather, Husband was supposed to wrap gifts while I watched because he says I don’t wrap right. But he came home with a massive migraine that put the kibosh on that.

I watched a movie and tried to go sleep, but after tossing and turning for two hours I got up and watched TV because I couldn’t sleep.

Then I had a bit of a panic attack worrying that the Lego Dimensions game we got for my son is going to go down like a lead balloon (though he would no doubt remind me that on Mythbusters, they actually got a lead balloon to float).

Cue a panicky email at 2 am to one of my FB groups and the Lego Dimensions subreddit. And later on this morning, a panicky email to another mom subreddit I belong to.

Cue FURTHER panic because Husband promised he was going to go pick up a few last minute stocking stuffers as well as the eighty four thousand bags of chip and sixteen thousand tubs of dip my mother has requested we bring to the potluck tonight but he hasn’t yet picked up because his volunteer group was called out at 7:30 to go deal with a situation and he’s not back yet.

Cue EVEN  FURTHER panic when Son comes to me and gleefully tells me he knows what he’s getting for Christmas because he snooped on my FB page. However, after a discussion about snooping, he told me he has a “delete post” button in his mind which he then demonstrates pressing to me by closing his eyes and pushing his finger into his head. Afterwards he said it was deleted and he’d totally forgotten about it.

Cue EVEN MUCH FURTHER panic when I plug my camera in to make sure the battery is charged for tonight and tomorrow and the charger light doesn’t come on. I don’t know if the battery light is just out of if the charger cord is bad (I’m hoping it’s the battery light). Fortunately, when I checked it a few minutes ago, the battery showed fully charged but just in case I dug out the Smurfcam (a tiny little blue digital camera I’ve had for ages that I quit using because the battery cover wouldn’t stay shut even with copious amounts of Scotch tape), popped batteries in it and duct taped the battery door shut. I’m taking both of them with me because while my regular camera works fine I really prefer the Smurfcam because I think it takes better pictures.

I’m pretty sure I’ve used up my daily ration of panic and worry and then some.


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