December Life Reboot Check in

I can’t…I can’t even this month guys. Let’s just say that I everything. I haven’t kept track of my eating and probably put on ten pounds since Thanksgiving. I haven’t exercised like I should and the house has been kept up but barely. And meditation practice? Whatever.

This has been such a hard month for me and it shouldn’t have been. I mean, you’d think by now I’d be getting a handle on all these things that I’m trying to improve and I keep..failing. Miserably. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong or how to fix it. I keep TRYING but clearly I must not be trying hard enough or I’d start to see some success by now. And if I keep failing, then isn’t that clearly a sign I should STOP trying? I don’t even know right now.


So let’s just sign this report card full of Fs all over the place and call it done, shall we? Because I’m too tired and too fat and too depressed to even continue right now.


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