You know you really need some sleep when…

So I was sitting here, browsing reddit and reading about whether or not ponies (from MLP) have last names and if they do, what sort of naming conventions they might follow. Or not. The jury’s still out as to whether or not they have familial last names (as we do) or whether their names are more descriptive as far as their jobs and personalities go.

Anyway..Bella likes to scratch at the kitchen cabinets because she thinks I’m going to open them up (they’re secured with baby latches we never took off from when Son was a baby) and let her in. I heard her scratching and turned around.

“Bella, what the hell are you doing?”

Swear to Bob, she put both front feet on the floor, adopted the most innocent look she could summon and said “I don’t know.”

My cat just said “I don’t know.” to me.

I think either she really said “I don’t know.” or I need to get some sleep. Probably the latter. But it sure SOUNDED like she said “I don’t know.”


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