I just want to hide in bed and watch Gilmore Girls all day

The temps here in north Texas have dropped. To below freaking freezing. It doesn’t happen often, thank goodness.

Right now, the joints in my fingers are a bit swollen due to the cold weather and thus somewhat sore. My hip is giving me problems and I nearly sprained my ankle at work yesterday because my ankle was acting all wonky due to the cold.

When I found out yesterday it was supposed to maybe possibly snow today, I told work I wasn’t coming in. I didn’t use the potential bad weather as my excuse..I used car maintenance. But secretly I thought, “If it snows, I want to be at home when it happens because I do not like driving in that crap.” When my son was in 5th grade, it started snowing one day while I was at work and when I got off (about 45 min before school was due to get out), I decided to go get him because I didn’t want to sit in the car line for an hour waiting to pick him up. It took me most of that forty five minutes to drive less than two miles from my workplace to his school, a journey that usually took me less than 10 minutes at most. It was snowing so hard you couldn’t see and the roads weren’t plowed or deiced or whatever yet so I felt like I had to drive very slowly and very cautiously. As did the half dozen other cars who were on the road with me. One time, before my son was born, it took me the better part of two and a half hours to get home from where I was working at the time (about 20 min from home on a good day) because people were driving so slowly due to the snow coming down.

If I didn’t have things to do (and I’m currently procrastinating..I have clothes that need to be moved from the washer to the drier so I can put more clothes in the washer as well as dishes that need to be put away and dishes that need to be washed AND I need to pick up the living room) I would spend all day in bed watching the rest of season 7 of Gilmore Girls and eating things that I am not supposed to eat on my diet. I already had one cheat day this week (last night when I said screw this, I’m cold, my joints hurt and I want something fattening so I made waffles for dinner. This was after having had a cheeseburger and a packet of peach-flavored raisins at work for lunch. Which begs the question? Why do raisins need to taste like anything BUT raisins? ) and I can’t really afford to do that again this week. ONE cheat day a week is all I get. The rest of the week I need to stick to the plan or I’m never going to drop a pound.


2 thoughts on “I just want to hide in bed and watch Gilmore Girls all day

    1. We got less than a quarter inch of snow..and most of it not even sticking because the ground is too warm..and everything went crazy. There were HUUUUUGE traffic snarlups and people made grocery store runs like it was the end of the world. Again. Like they do EVERY SINGLE TIME a single snowflake falls out of the sky here.

      It’s almost funny.


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