And I thought disco was dead

So the other day, my husband bought a nightlight for our toilet. Not a nightlight that plugs into the wall socket in the bathroom. No..this is a nightlight that hangs over the edge of the toilet.

Which I was like..Um. Ok. Weird, but whatever, right?

Last night I got up in the middle of the night to pee (like ya do) and was momentarily startled. There were flashes of color coming out from under the toilet lid. What the shit? So I lifted the lid and took a peek. The light flashed from blue to purple to orange to green and back again in rapid succession.

Apparently I now have a disco toilet.

Me: So can you please explain to me why there is a disco in my toilet?

Husband: I swear I thought it was just a nightlight.

Me: Uh huh..

Husband: No I swear.

I guess a flashing disco toilet will be useful for all those late night parties I want to throw in my bathroom.


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