I’m sitting at the table, making a short list of things I need my son to complete when he gets home from school. His room is a mess, thus the need for a list because if I don’t make a list, he’ll just stand there and go “I don’t know what to do.” and not do anything.

So..I’m sitting there, writing out the list when I hear a baritone “Mwrah! Mwrah! Mwrrraaaaah!” which I know belongs to Tony Underfoot. He’s not usually the talkative one so I get up to go see what’s wrong. Bella comes darting out of my son’s room with a sock in her mouth and a surprised look on her face like she didn’t expect me to catch her. “Mow?” she says and takes off down the hall.

“Come back here you little thief.” I mutter, because if my son had closed his door, this wouldn’t have happened.

“MOW! MOW MOW MOW!” Bella mutters loudly around the sock in her mouth as I attempt to get it back from her. Finally I corner her in the kitchen and she bats at me, looking annoyed that I’m trying to take the sock from her. I manage to get it back and she stalks off, muttering angrily to herself. She has tinkle-balls with feathers. She has several mouse-type toys made of yarn that I’ve made for her. She has that beat up faux leopard fur mouse that she got when we brought her and Tony home. Under the entertainment center, where I can’t reach them, are several balls of crumpled up foil she stole from the trashcan. It’s not like she’s deprived or something. So why the sock? It’s not even a good sock..it’s a cheapie thin cotton/acrylic blend that my son stole from me because it’s got an orange/black checkerboard pattern and orange is his favorite color. And, because my son had it on his feet recently, it stinks of boy-foot. You know the smell…part rotten eggs, part stinky sweat, part dead something or other. I can’t imagine that it tastes good either. Bleurgh.

What I find really funny is that Tony told on her. He’s usually not very talkative unless food is involved. But he tattled on his sister. That cracks me up. Right now they’re in the kitchen (where I am too) sitting face to face like they’re having some kind of discussion and Bella looks like she’s annoyed at him for tattling.

Silly kitties.


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