Horrible situations sometimes call for art

We had a very scary situation yesterday where there was a standoff between police and an armed gunman in the neighborhood next to my son’s school which caused the school to be locked down for several hours before they released students to go home. So I dealt with it the best way I knew how..through my art. (I apologize right now for the quality of the pictures)

I realize the writing in the first four panels is hard to read..I apologize but it goes like this.

Young Llama: Mom, will a scary man with a gun shoot me like he did the police officer? I’m scared!

Momma Llama: I know you are, sweetie. I am too. The truth is son, I just don’t know. Probably not, but I can’t say for certain. It’s OK to feel scared and sad and mad right now. A lot of people are scared and sad and mad right now. And for a lot of reasons, not just this one. It’s OK to feel confused about how you feel right now.

Young Llama: I don’t WANT to be sad or mad or confused. I don’t like feeling this way AT ALL.

Mama Llama: Me neither, son. Nobody does.

I inked it with the wrong kind of pen, which I realized after I’d inked it. I’m still learning.


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