I stand with them

“Freedom, O freedom, that’s what we fight for… and yes, my dear sisters, we must learn to fight.”–Yoko Ono

I don’t know if I’m going to watch the inauguration this morning..I don’t know if I have the stomach to, to be honest. I, like many of my fellow Americans, are still reeling from the shock that this huckster snake oil salesman who’s probably in bed with Russia and who knows who else is our president. I want to wake up and hope this has all been a nightmare but it’s not.

And every day it seems like it gets worse. His pick for the department of education wants to defund public schools in favor of Christian based private schools  and (and I’m not sure if this is a direct quote or not) “advance God’s kingdom through our schools”. When I heard that, I literally headdesked so hard I was surprised I didn’t end up with a bruise. He’s appointed a man who doesn’t believe in vaccines and thinks vaccines cause autism (which has been proven so many times it’s bloody ridiculous) to be in charge of medicine.  The ACA, which has been a lifeline for so many people, is going to be completely dismantled. The man he wants to head up the EPA? A climate change denier who’s sued the EPA several times. The man he wants for the department of energy? “Hyuck hyuck. I don’t even know what the DOE does..let alone how to run it. But let me try anyway.”

Crap on a cracker, we are so SCREWED.

But I have hope. Even though I cannot join them, there are millions of women marching on Washington tomorrow to stand up for our rights–reproductive and otherwise. I don’t know what good they’ll do, but hopefully it’ll do SOMETHING. Even if I’m not sure what. Because we cannot let our rights–not our rights to good, cheap healthcare and mental care, not our rights to good education or vaccines, not our rights to do with our own bodies as WE see fit..none of that can be stripped away without a fight. Because we will NOT go quietly into the night. We will stand up and fight for what we need, what we believe in. Hope will prevail. LOVE will win the day. But we have to continue to fight in our own small ways.

So fight on, my sisters and brothers. Fight on. Take to twitter, take to your favorite Subreddit, take to Facebook and your local news station and everywhere and anywhere. Because this fight..it’s a fight we can’t afford to lose.


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