I failed Momming 101

So tonight, after dinner, my son decided he wanted to play Lego Dimensions. Normally, this would be fine. Except the disc was stuck in the case and he yanked it out instead of asking for help.

He broke the disc. Like there is a huge crack down the side that goes all the way to the center hole.

He came to me, very upset that it was broken and asked if I could tape it back together. I told him no, it doesn’t work that way. Then he took to Facebook (well..using my account. He doesn’t have his own..he’s not old enough yet) and sent a private message to my mother in law asking her if Pop Pop could fix it. She told him no..he can fix a lot of things but not that.

That’s when the waterworks began. Because I too can fix a lot of things and what I can’t fix, Pop Pop generally can. Because neither of the two fixer-uppers in his life could fix his broken thing, he couldn’t handle it and had a total meltdown. He “cursed” yelling “Oh my hecking GOSH! I am HECKING MAD!” (He knows he is not allowed to use real curse words..at least not in front of me. And yes, the word God counts as a curse word..now. I used to not mind so much when he said “Oh my GOD!” but he got told not to do it several times over Christmas at my sister in law’s by both my mother in law and sister in law, so I guess now that God is an official curse word in our house.)

He didn’t want to take a bath and he was still angry over an hour later when he went to bed.

I have already emailed Lego customer service, who got back to me a LOT faster than I thought they would. (I wasn’t expecting a response until tomorrow or Thursday at the earliest, to be honest.) I replied with the information they asked for–name, shipping address, phone number and a picture of the case and game. They also asked for a picture of the receipt..which I don’t have. I explained the situation..that my son is autistic, that the damage to the disc was totally accidental and that because I knew we wouldn’t be returning the game except in case of some kind of failure within the first two weeks, I hadn’t kept the receipt past that point. Which I acknowledged was a total fuck up on my part and if they chose not to replace the game for that reason, I totally understood. So now I’m just waiting on a response back from them.
We’ll see how it goes. I know you can buy replacement discs for like 8 bucks from Gamestop but I’ve had issues with previously owned games in the past which makes me kind of nervous to replace his game with a previously owned one. But if that’s the only choice, that’s the only choice I guess.


Let’s just hope Lego finds it in their brick-y hearts to replace the disc for free since we’re still within the first 90 days (which they do say is their return/replacement period on their website).


2 thoughts on “I failed Momming 101

    1. Yup…Lego decided to replace the disc, thankfully. It’ll be here next week. I told my son he was damn lucky they were replacing it even though I didn’t have a copy of the receipt.


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