Be still, oh my nerdling heart

So yesterday, when my son took a sick day from school because his allergies were off the charts and making him feel like utter crap, I was in my bedroom flipping through the channels on our Roku and landed on Amazon Prime. I didn’t really know what I was looking for, but I know when I saw it.

Thundercats is on Amazon Prime, y’all. And not the reboot (which is really good, in its own way) from a few years ago either. The entire 4 seasons is on frigging Amazon Prime. And is part of their “Free to watch with Amazon Prime” library.

Oh be still my nerdling heart.

I haven’t watched Thundercats in years because it’s been hard to get the DVDs through and I didn’t remember if I still loved it enough to go out and buy the DVDs from a store because A)if I buy a DVD of something, I rarely watch it. It just sits there. and B)well, I’m also very cheap and didn’t want to spend the money.

So I sat down and watched the first two or three episodes last night and holy crap, this is more awesome than I remember and not at all cheesy. Well..maybe a little cheesy, but it’s GOOD for something that was spawned in the 80s purely for so that some toy company could sell action figures.

I do have some questions though. in the pilot episode, Jaga dies because somebody has to pilot the ship while they’re searching for a new place to call home but everybody else goes into the suspension pods. When they arrive on Third Earth, Lion-O has gone from being a 10 year old Thunderkitten to a full grown Thundercat. But Wilykit and Wilykat (who were also about the same age when they entered the suspension pods) didn’t age a day. I makes sense that Tygra, Panthro and Cheetarah didn’t seem to age because I’m guessing they were already adults, maybe in their 20s or so. So aging 10 years didn’t really change the way they looked, etc. And perhaps Snarf’s people are exceptionally long lived which is how he’s been with Lion-O his entire life and did NOT die during the 10 Galacto-years it took for them to reach Third Earth.  Why did Lion-O age but not the other two Thunderkittens?

And seriously..where are all the other Thunderians? Surely that handful (I think I counted maybe a dozen?) of ships in the convoy when they were attacked by the Mutants wasn’t ALL of the population of Thundera..was it?

And with four guys and only one on earth do they plan to repopulate Third Earth with Thunderians? Are they just going to take turns with Cheetarah? Or are they just going to er..use..Cheetarah as the only breeder until Wilykit grows up enough to be a breeder herself? Is there some species of biped on Third Earth that might be genetically compatible enough with the Thunderians that they could interbreed maybe?

I know at some point, there are two more Thunderians..Pumyra and Lynx-o. But if all the Thunderian ships were destroyed EXCEPT the flagship before they got to Third Earth, then where the heck did Pumyra and Lynx-O come from?

There have got to be answers to these questions…right?


One thought on “Be still, oh my nerdling heart

  1. Ben-Gali arrived with Lynx-O and Pumyra. Tygra and Cheetara were a couple, and in the third/fourth season Thundera was reconstituted, so the Thunderians scattered around the cosmos started coming home, after the main cast had secured New Thundera from Mumm-Ra for them.

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