I blame The Bloggess..this is all her fault

So a little bit ago, my husband called and said our son was having a total meltdown over not having earbuds (he hasn’t had them in a few weeks because he broke the 5th pair so far this school year and we said screw it. We’re not buying anymore for awhile). I asked if he wanted me to go pick him up and he said he would text the teacher and ask.

So while I’m sitting here waiting to see if he’s going to call back, I thought about The Bloggess’s latest entry about how unhelpful Google was being. And it got me wondering.


Google, can I stick a…


and I got

-Needle in a boil (gross, Google. Very gross.)

-fondant to buttercream (duh. I thought that was the purpose of a buttercream crumb coat. To stick your fondant to.)

-stick weld aluminum (I have no ideas)

-hot food in the fridge. (Um..years of food service tell me it depends on the food, but it’s really better to wait and let it cool down to room temp first)

And naturally because I’m naturally curious about stuff that grosses me the heck out, I clicked on a Yahoo Answers question submitted by somebody who’d popped a boil with a needle and then freaked out about it.

Analog Ana’s helpful answer was:

use pliers if needed and squeeze out the rest off the puss . then cut of the empty blister sack. then apply protopic, or at least hydrocortisone and cover with a bandage
Why would you need PLIERS, for bob’s sake? And then she suggests cutting off the ’empty blister sack’. Eeew. Again..WHY?
The internet is a very weird, weird place.

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