Proud to be a Little Monster

So I just had this conversation with my mom.

Mom: UUUUUGH. I still can’t believe they’re letting HER do the half time show. That is OUTRAGEOUS.

Me: Her who? You mean Lady Gaga?

Mom: YES.

Me: Mom.

Mom: Yes?

Me: You do know that I’m a Little Monster right?

Mom: You’re not a monster. I’ve never called you that.

Me: No. I mean I’m a Lady Gaga fan. That’s what we call ourselves..she’s Mother Monster and we are all her Little Monsters. (chuckle)

Mom: Seriously?

Me: Yes.


Me: Dude, Mom the chick can wail. Haven’t you ever listened to that Tony Bennet/Lady Gaga CD I gave Dad for Christmas that one time?

Mom: Well she’s fine on that. She’s singing NORMAL music.

Me: (facepalm) You have to look past the outrageous costumes and crazy stunts, Mom. The chick can wail.

Mom: If you SAY so.


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