A light in the dark

Two years in a row now, Jenny Lawson (aka The Bloggess) has made Feb 7 into her own personal holiday which she calls “Booksgiving”. She gives away some of her own books and encourages people to comment with Amazon Wishlists so they can request books as well, in case others want to make donations.

This year I was chosen by an anonymous donor to receive two Kindle books–“My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She’s Sorry” and the sequel/companion book “Britt-Marie Was Here” by Swedish author Fredrick Backman.

Let me tell you about Fredrick Backman. Fredrick Backman’s book “A Man Called Ove” came into my life a few months ago when we had to read it as a book club selection for the book club I belong to. And I absolutely fell in love. He’s sweet and funny and “Man Called Ove” (which I believe is pronounced Ooh-vuh, not Oh-ve) is definitely a three hanky book. I haven’t read “My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She’s Sorry” yet, but I bet it’s going to be just as good.

Right now, we are on the edge of some very dark days for our country. President Trump seems to be signing executive orders as soon as they can shove them into his tiny little hands, whether they are good, bad or indifferent. To him, it’s all the same because he wants to flash his power around like a rapper wears diamonds and gold. Those who oppose him are automatically “bad” (whether they’re actual bad guys or not) and anything that doesn’t fall in line with his way of thinking or his beliefs is automatically “fake news” (whether it really is or not). Betsy DeVos has the potential to push through a lot of legislation that would essentially gut the funding for our public schools and leave those of us who depend on those schools scrambling. I’ve read somewhere (though I can’t lay hands on the address of the article right now) that they are trying to push through a bill that would pretty much undo all the progress we’ve made over the last few years with LGBTQ rights…including the right to marry whoever the hell you damn well please. It would also give stores the right to discriminate and say “You’re not straight. Therefore get out of my store. You’re not welcome here.”

Even though it’s dark and getting darker out there, I have two tiny bright points of light to get me through the shadows. Thank you, anonymous donor. Thank you thank you THANK YOU.


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