We will not go quietly into that good night

Dear Mrs. DeVos,


I don’t know what your reaction was to being voted in as head of the education in our country. I DO know that you don’t have the experience necessary to do what’s right for our kids, especially those of us who are affected by the IDEA (individuals with disabilities act).

However I do know this. Michigan (your home state) now has the biggest decline in student enrollment and the worst teacher to student ratio in the US. Charter schools just don’t have the same kind of accountability as public schools and the funding SUCKS apparently. I don’t even know if charter schools or private schools have to abide by IDEA, frankly. Mostly because it’s not something I’ve ever had to think about.

But now I DO. Because this is my son’s..my DISABLED son’s…future that is on the line. I am forced to wonder about how this is all going to play out because he’s only in 7th grade, which means he has about 5 more years to go before he will graduate high school (Go Lobos Class of 2021!!!). I have to wonder if he (and so many others) are going to continue to be able to receive the services that allow them to be part of a Gen Ed classroom when appropriate (which for mine, that’s about 90% of the time). When I heard that you were confirmed as the new head of education in this country, I was legit shaking in my sensible shoes.

But know this, Mrs. DeVos.

We WILL continue to advocate for our son, to make sure he gets the best, most appropriate education. We, and others like us, will NOT go quietly into that good night like whipped dogs.  We will continue to fight not out of spite but for what’s right. For where there’s a child who has no voice, ours will go singing (to borrow a line from Jewel. Sort of).

You can bet your shiny Manolo Blahniks on that, lady.


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