Tales from the book fair (Day 2)

Dear kids (all grades)

Please do not use your pencils/pens to pop the multicolored blue balloons in the “swimming hole”. I don’t want to have to blow any more up, thanks.

The book fair lady

The theme for this book fair is Camp Read A Lot and BFF Librarian has, as she always does, gone full out. The “swimming hole” is a large round blue inflatable tub-like pool floatie thing which she filled with multicolored blue balloons which the kids can’t seem to stop messing around with. It’s one thing if they throw the balloons all over the library but I am sick of telling them not to poke them with pencils in an attempt to pop them.

Dear kids,

The same goes for trying to poke holes in Mrs. Lularoe’s tent. If you guys poke a bunch of holes in her tent, the next time she and her family uses it they will get eaten alive by bugs and want to kill you.


The book fair lady

Mrs. Lularoe (she’s wore different LLR leggings to fit the dress up theme of the day every damn day and preaches how wonderful/amazing LLR leggings are and how I just NEED to buy some) brought in a huge pop up tent which is where BFF Librarian has been having the kids gather so she can give them information (she does a guessing jar and the best guesser gets a free book), etc.

Dear kids,

No I do not have extra money because you forgot that you needed to pay tax.

I told you guys to remember about tax on Monday, remember?

The book fair lady

Dear kids,

Yes we ordered like 16 more copies of (insert whatever book it is here). They’ll be here on Weds afternoon. Chill. Just give us your name and your teacher’s name and we’ll put you on the list. When they come in, we’ll call your teacher and have her send you down. Promise.

The Bookfair lady

This happens EVERY DAMNED YEAR. There is always at least one book that is super popular that gets completely sold out on the first day because Scholastic only sends like 5 copies to start with or whatever.

Dear kids,

No. I do not have a pen pineapple apple pen. STOP ASKING.

The bookfair lady

I hate that song.

Yesterday was “Rainbow Day” so I wore a bright pink shirt over which I wore a fabulous rainbow-striped shawl I made which I’m seriously considering just sewing up the front and making into a damn poncho because it’s that big.



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