Tales from the Book Fair (days 3&4)

Dear parents,


FOR THE LOVE OF MIKE please do not send your child with a gallon Ziploc bag of unrolled change.

Because..just..NO. Just don’t do it.


The book fair lady


Dear teachers (grades 2-5)

Please teach your classes how to figure out tax. Because if I have to send one more kid back to class crying because they can’t get their book because they don’t have enough to pay for the tax, I’m going to lose my gorram mind.


The book fair lady

Dear kids (all ages),

If you do not have money..don’t come down to my book fair. We love ya, but we need you to spend money. Not to spend 30+ min wandering around going, “I don’t know which book to get” and then, when we try to shuffle you back off to class, “I didn’t have any money anyway.” Urgh.

The bookfair lady



2 thoughts on “Tales from the Book Fair (days 3&4)

  1. I remember visiting the US when I was young, and not understanding why the price labels on things made no sense. I think the mall we visited was near Grand Junction somewhere (en-route to Lake Powell). It remains the only place in the world I have visited where the advertised prices didn’t include tax. Probably worth noting that I’ve also been to France, Spain, Finland, Italy, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, the Channel Islands, and California in more recent years…


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