Breaking all the rules

So I totally had THIS conversation earlier today and I was kind of squee-y the way teenage girls are when they get to see their favorite boy band.

I wanted to get her opinion because I didn’t want to accidentally offend anybody by writing in a book. Growing up, there were many rules that concerned books which included Thou Shalt Not Eat The Book, Thou Shalt ABSOLUTELY NOT rip or tear the pages in any way and most importantly, Thou Shalt Not Write In Books. Not even if they belong to you.

So naturally, I was feeling super conflicted about writing and highlighter-ing in a book. Because that was absolutely not allowed. Before I even made the first stroke of bright yellow with my ridiculously oversized highlighter, I paused. Just in case the Wrath of God Or Whoever was going to strike me down for daring to make a mark in a book. Even if the book was mine. Even if I had permission from the author (who didn’t have to respond but it was still lovely that she did) to go ahead and mark it up.

“Furiously Happy” is one of my favorite books because even when I’m having a super shitty day, I can flip to pretty much any chapter in the book and be amused. It’s also become the book that when people go “Uh..isn’t depression just FEELING SAD?” I go “No.” and hand them the book. Because depression and anxiety are more than just feeling “sad” or “worried”. If depression and anxiety are just feeling “sad” and “worried” then Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus are definately better than average role models for teenage girls. Because they’re (Britney and Miley) are not. And they (depression and anxiety) are not just “sadness” and “worry”. Depression and anxiety kick sadness and worry up to friggin 11, y’all.

I’m not better yet…but some days I am, at least, furiously happy.


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