Sometimes, insomnia can actually be entertaining

So I have periodic bouts of insomnia..this is nothing new. It’s been happening for years. Sometimes,when I can’t sleep, I go read threads on a handful of messageboards that I’ve been a part of for years.


One of them is the Carnival Cruise Lines board on the CruiseCritic website. Because it’s Carnival, there can sometimes be real doozies of topics being discussed. Such as the one I happened to stumble on tonight–“Carnival Security HATES T-Rexes”. What the everloving fuck? How could I not click on that, right?

The OP (original poster) complained that on Superbowl Sunday he (maybe it was a she, I have no idea) and nine of his friends decided to run around on the ship wearing these giant inflatable dinosaur costumes while waving giant flags for one or the other of the teams playing in the game. At one point, they decided to crash what may or may not have been a private Superbowl party in one of the lounges (I’m betting it was private) and the OP became irate because security had the balls to tell them to get the heck out of there. At some point the OP also mentions they were being filmed so they could put this ridiculous stunt on Youtube. They also complained they were so upset by being told they couldn’t run around like idiots (who I’m betting were most likely drunk as well) that they spent the next two days in their cabin (probably pouting. They don’t say. But I’m betting there was a lot of “THIS IS SO UNFAIR! CARNIVAL IS A MEANY POOPY FACE BANANA HEAD!” and pouting going on).

At one point, another poster jumps in to defend them and call everybody who doesn’t agree that running around in giant inflatable dinosaur costumes is cool must not know how to have fun.  Like a lot of posters on that thread, I just do not understand what dinosaurs have to do with football. Unless you’re commenting on the age of the quarterback. And even then..still not funny. Another poster chimed in that if this had been a hotel or bar on dry land, security would’ve kicked them out as well because it’s dangerous to be running amok (on land or at sea) in a big costume that limits your vision when the area you’re running around in happens to be crowded. Later on in the thread somebody posts a video of the OP and their stupid costumes (fast forward to about 4:31, as I believe that’s when they make their entrance). At one point they brush past an official Carnival photog who just has this “Holy crap WTF?” look on his face and several of the other guests either have that look or the “This is so stupid.” look on their faces like they’re disgusted.

Further down the line, around the last page of the thread, somebody else posts a picture of themselves in a dinosaur costume in the main dining room. Which, OK. I’ve been on a few different ships and in every single main dining room, it’s difficult enough to walk by WITHOUT having to worry about whether or not you’re going to bump into somebody/something because you only have a six inch by six inch or so plastic window to see out of and your peripheral vision is totally blocked by the costume. The person who posted the picture said they wore it all over–the dining room, by the pool, etc and I bet they got similar reactions from other passengers. What in the bloody bleep?


Seriously…can somebody explain this stupid blow up dinosaur trend? Because I seriously don’t get it. I don’t consider myself uncool or unhip or stupid when it comes to internet memes, but this has me totally frigging baffled.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes, insomnia can actually be entertaining

  1. It’s the whole “millennial” thing again, isn’t it – the self absorbed, self righteous, world owes me everything brigade. For some reason they think they can do what they want, often at somebody else’s expense, and often to the detriment of anybody they cross paths with along the way.


    1. Probably. These are the same people, I’d imagine, who came up with the “Neener neener I ‘m not going to my kid share toys because nobody should ever have to share ANYTHING ever” parenting philosophy.


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