Literally every phone call I got today

Caller: Hiiii! Is Husband there?

Me: He’s unavailable but I can take a message.

Caller: Is this Mrs.StarTrek?

Me: It is. How can I help you?

Caller: Hiiii! I’m Some Name from Some Shady Sounding Company! We know your area got a lot of hail damage last night and we’re in your area doing roof inspections today. Can I put you down for a free roof inspection, Mrs. StarTrek?

Me: No.

Caller: But..what if your roof is damaged? You’d wanna know if your roof was damaged, right?

Me: Look, thanks for calling but please just take us off your list. If our roof is damaged, I’m sure we’ll figure it out sooner or later and deal with it then.

Caller; But we can come to your home TODAY and let you know that your roof is damaged. Then Shady Sounding Company can fix it for you for the low low price of $$$$!

Me: Take us off your list please.

Caller: You are being SO rude. We’re just trying to HELP you here.

Me: You can HELP me by taking me off your list.

Caller: FINE! (phone slams down)

We’ve also gotten three people coming to knock on the door. I just open the door, let them go through their spiel and then point at the “No Soliciting” sign on the door and shut the door in their face. One guy had the nerve to say “BUT I HAVE A PERMIT!” before I shut the door. I don’t care if you have a permit or not. I’m past the point where I care if it’s rude or not. GO AWAY. IF we want your help, we’ll call you. Capische?


2 thoughts on “Literally every phone call I got today

  1. Oh my word!! So annoying!! Sorry you have to go through that, but your blog made me laugh out loud. I want to start a company called “Shady Sounding _________ Company” (I’m NOT a roofer, so I’m not sure what kind of company it is yet).


  2. It’s not the first time..and I’m sure it won’t be the last. We can get some really horrible hail storms here in north Texas in the springtime. The last time we had one this bad, the car I was driving at the time had SO much damage the insurance totalled it out and sold it back to us at a ridiculously low price so I wouldn’t have to go buy a new car. It made it a pain when it was time to trade it in (since we only had a salvage title at that point) for my Nissan (which now has some hail damage of its own) though.


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