You can just call me Mrs. Crankypants

So last night I was up late finishing the Moana doll I made for my niece’s birthday next week.

Isn’t she ADORABLE?


Anyway, as I was working on her massive amount of hair (and I hate doll hair because it’s the WORST because it takes forever and it’s exhausting to do. Anyway…), I felt the room begin to vibrate. One of our neighbors had been having some kind of backyard shindig most of the evening (we’d been home since around 6:30 and it was closer to 11 when I noticed the vibrating) and around 10:30 or so they really cranked up the bass. I could feel it in my living room and even all the way back in my bedroom when I went back there to use the bathroom. I could mostly understand every word of their weird Tejano-Hip Hop mashup music. I peeked outside and the lights were blazing..I don’t know how their next door neighbors were getting any sleep. My husband can sleep through almost anything, which is the only reason HE was asleep. I was mildly annoyed and exhausted from an evening spent working on a doll. I thought to myself, “I realize that it’s Saturday night and maybe you have something awesome to celebrate, but couldn’t you celebrate it a little quieter?”

Around 12:30 or so, as I was preparing to go to bed and wondering if I should call the cops to come shut them down, somebody did it for me because the music abruptly came to a halt. There was some shouting in Spanish (with what sounded like more than a few cuss words) but that stopped too after a few minutes.

Look, I get it. People want to party. But we live in houses that were built quickly and crappily. The walls are thin as paper and all the houses are smooshed right up against each other just about. I can reach out my living room window and just about touch my next door neighbor’s outside wall. That’s how close we are. So you have to have some respect for your neighbors because if you’re having an overly loud party, chances are somebody’s going to be upset because you’re being disrespectful of your neighbors. Particularly if they’re like the guy around the corner who’s a cop and probably has to get up early.

So please..don’t be a jerk. Be respectful of your neighbors OK?



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