This is not as badass as I thought it was going to be

So I made my first batch of Raktajino mix today with generic instant coffee powder, Hershey’s Special Dark cocoa powder (oh dear lord, the scent is heavenly!), generic coffee creamer, white sugar (though maybe I should’ve used brown?), cinnamon and “Specially blended Jamaican allspice” powder. I mixed it all up in approximately the correct portions. (I say approximately, because I only own a one cup measuring scoop and a set of measuring spoons so I kind of had to fudge some of the portions a little.) I scooped the proper amount (3 tbsp) into a coffee mug, added 8 oz of near boiling water and whoo. Did it smell cinnamony.

I don’t taste the cinnamon though. Or the allspice. Although I’m not entirely sure I know what allspice tastes like to begin with.Mostly what I taste is coffee heavily overlaid with chocolate and a little sugar. It’s not bad though. I don’t usually drink caffeinated coffee and I can definitely feel the rush kicking in a bit. I think there’d be a bit more flavor and kick if I’d used powdered espresso, but I couldn’t find any so maybe next time I’ll go ingredient hunting at the grocery store and they’ll have it.

But in the meantime, Q’apla!


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