You’re gonna get it and you’re not going to like it.

Dear “Brooke”,

Your shady company has called me half a dozen times in the last two days and at least twice that many times in the last week. I know at least one of those times, I picked up the phone and asked you to take us off your list. I’d already done it once today when you called..again (the first time it was a guy, but it was the same company which I’ve already totally forgotten the name.).

Up to this point I’ve been nothing but polite if somewhat curt. I’d block you, but that only stops companies like yours for so long before you switch phone numbers and start all over again. The next time you call, I won’t be polite. I’ll bring down the full wrath of an angry Southern mama on your twittery high pitched behind. If I wanted to go on a cruise, I’d go on one. I wouldn’t take one for free from a sketchy company like yours and there is no way in hell I’d badger my friends, family and the entire free world (as you said I’d have to do) to use your ‘travel company’ for their vacation needs.

I shouldn’t have to ask more than once to be taken off your list. I fully accept that I deserved that rude “Well then!” when I told you I never wanted to hear from you or your company again. But seriously. If I ask you to stop calling, that doesn’t mean call me half a dozen more times.

Call me again..I dare you.


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