Hippie Dippie fringed festival bag

Anybody who knows me knows I’m secretly a hippie at heart and I created this bag because I was dying to make something with a bit of a hippie vibe to it. So when I stumbled upon the pattern, I knew I wanted to make it and add my own little creative twist on it. First and most importantly, I didn’t use cotton yarn. Crochet cotton is NOT my favorite kind of yarn to work with and because I’m cheap, I decided to use some acrylic I had lying around in my stash. I also was not terribly fond of the whole recycled leather belt as a strap so I made my own strap, from some slightly rougher, heavier weight acrylic I had in my stash that was too rough to use for pretty much anything else. I also squared it off instead of letting it have a diamond shaped bottom, again because I just wasn’t feeling that part of the design. It kinda bugged me a little, to be honest. The back is also one solid piece instead of a copy of the front like it’s supposed to be. I guess the only part of the design I actually used was the instructions for the front of the bag and the fringe. I also wanted to make a lined bag, something I’ve never done before. I found the fabric I used in a fat quarters for quilting bundle at Hobby Lobby and I was really digging the sort of 60s vibe of the pattern. I hemmed the lining by hand but fortunately you can’t tell how badly I did it because while I have a sewing machine, it’s currently not working. I thought I was going to sew the lining in but that proved to be..well..problematic. So I bought some double stick tape for fabric that you have to iron to make permanent. Overall, I think for my first bag with a lining, it turned out pretty good. Not perfect, but not bad either.



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