Sometimes I hate the way my body works


I woke up this morning, feeling not great but not terrible either and managed to stumble through breakfast, throwing a couple loads of laundry in and folding three others that needed to get folded.

And then I got whomped. Like, big time. All of a sudden, all the plans I had for today went right out the window because I felt like a vampire had drained all the blood from my body. My nerve endings (particularly in my upper body/arms) felt like they were firing little bolts of electricity into my body and I was just suddenly SO danged tired. Like, I barely made it to the bedroom before my eyes closed and I dozed off.


After several hours of sleep and a few binged episodes of the back half of season 4 of Vikings (thank you, Hulu!!!), I’m finally feeling more myself. I don’t know what happened, or why, but it really sucked. And it just made me realize that more than ever, I need to get myself to a doctor this summer to figure out what the heck is making my body act this way. Because this SUCKS.

It doesn’t help that it’s really sunny and warm out and everybody (from friends and family to social media in general to magazines and everybody else in the dadgummed world apparently) says I should be outside soaking up the sun, perhaps even lazing by the pool with a book. Which normally, I would be all about that. But not today..I just didn’t have the energy. Something inside me came and took whatever energy I had and sucked it out of me like you’d suck up a milkshake with a straw.


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