Ohana means you get to pick whoever you damn well please as your family

“Dis is mah famalee. It is little and broken, but good. Yah. Still good.”–Stitch, Lilo and Stitch

Most of the people whose comments I’ve liked over the last few months, I’ve never met. And probably never will. But we all share one thing in common–we were brought together as a messed up tribe of weirdos, freaks, geeks, extreme introverts with physical and mental and all sorts of other issues by the words of one person.

That person being the supreme queen of the fucked up weirdo freak mental tribe–Jenny Lawson.

Because of her books, it’s easier for me to be more open about my own particular issues–depression and anxiety. Because of her books and her blog posts, it’s easier for me to laugh at my own brain which is often an asshole.

Right now, she’s going through some really tough mental and physical issues and instead of being whiny about it, she is powering through it the best way she knows how..by writing and loving her tribe and giving back as best she can.

Which is a-freaking-mazing.

I cannot think of another single author who is as in touch with their audience as Jenny is. She makes you feel like a member of the family from the get-go, which is incredibly strange and wonderful and sometimes off-puttingly intimate. It’s like having a best friend you’ve never even met.

I don’t think, ever, I’ve been able to say that about an author I’ve read. Most of them are, for obvious reasons, cold and distant from their intended audience. They may be warm, caring, loving people but they don’t share their lives with their readers the way she does. It’s nothing short of amazing.
So, Jenny, darling girl, if you read this…know that I’m thinking of you as you go through all the crap you’re going through right now. I’m going through things too but your words make me laugh and that makes it a little bit easier to go through. Hang in there, kiddo. The world needs you around.


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