What’s For Dinner?

Like a lot of busy moms, I’m often exhausted and pressed for time at the end of the day when it’s time to make dinner. So I’ve been experimenting with meal planning, since I can’t afford Blue Apron or any of those other fancy meal-in-a-box services that I see advertised all over the frigging place.

I want to make this a regular thing, but I don’t know how it’s going to be presented yet here on my blog because I haven’t figured that out yet.

SO ANYWAY…here’s my meal plan for the next two weeks.


Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork BBQ with potato salad

Basically, you rub some pork loin or in my case, pork chops, with salt, pepper and garlic powder and throw them in your crock pot with an entire 2 liter bottle of Dr. Pepper and let that go for 6-8 hrs. I’m also going to attempt to make potato salad, which I’ve only done like..once.


Lazy Mom’s Chicken Pot Pie

Take enough cooked chicken to feed your family (so like, one entire rotisserie chicken if that’s what you have. I’m just going to cook up a few chicken breasteses myself, because that’s what I’ve got) and mix it together with cream of mushroom soup and a bag of frozen mixed veggies. Top that with biscuits that have been cut in half (like..not cut in half so they’re half circles. Cut in half the OTHER way.) and bake at whatever temperature is listed on the biscuit can for 10-15 min.


BLT salad

Lettuce, tomatoes, bacon and a mayonnaise dressing. Easy peasy. Should take about 10 min or less to throw together.


Spinach Frittatta

Dice and saute red bell pepper and onion together. Mix with frozen spinach and shredded parmesan cheese. Mix THAT into some beaten eggs (8-10) and throw it in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 min or until set.


Hamburgers and tater tots


Chicken tacos and rice (I prefer Birdseye steamer Mexican rice, but you do you, boo)


Pasta salad with bacon, broccoli, olives and bell pepper


Hotdogs with baked beans


Spaghetti with garlic bread (we use the frozen stuff from Kroger’s)


Chicken Tostadas with rice (again, Birdseye Steamables saves my butt here as I can’t make rice to save my life)


DIY Pizza



Friday is grocery day (typically) so we’ll probably go out.

And there’s my next two weeks’ worth of dinners at a glance. Bon appetit!


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