Um…I might be doing this wrong

So I decided that, despite lacking pork loin and a slow cooker to make Dr. Pepper pulled pork. I only had pork loin CHOPS in the freezer, but I figured this will still work. Every recipe I looked up was different..some called for only one can, some called for an entire two liter bottle.

SO..yesterday, I took my thawed out porkchops and rubbed them good with salt, pepper and garlic powder. This morning, after returning from the library’s annual summer reading club kickoff (there were snowcones and tiny horses the size of golden retrievers. It was glorious. :D) I threw them in my largest cooking pot with almost two liters of Dr. Pepper. I have to say “almost” because of course I saved enough to have a glass myself.

At first, it looked REALLY weird. Like really, REALLY bizarre.

And being the nervous cook I usually am, I turned to the internet for help. Specifically, a cooking subreddit associated with a mom’s-only subreddit that I frequent. Unfortunately, there were some dads hanging around who thought I was seriously screwing this up in the worst possible way.

(These comments are NOT all from the same person, btw. Just thought I’d let you know.)

my best suggestion is to burn your kitchen down because you shouldn’t be allowed near it

This is easy to fix.

Step one: reduce heat to zero

Step two: remove pot from stove top

Step three: throw pot, Dr. Pepper and ruined pork into the garbage

The way you are cooking that pork butt is a disaster and while you might convince yourself that it tastes good at the end. I promise you it really doesn’t.

I ended up skimming the funky looking foam off at the suggestion of a helpful person who is probably a much better cook than I am. And after a few hours of cooking, it looks SLIGHTLY better. Not a lot, but slightly. It doesn’t look suuuuper appealing, but I’m sure it’ll taste fine. I’m planning on adding some barbecue sauce anyway, just in case. Because you can fix anything if you’ve got enough barbecue sauce. Or duct tape. Just don’t use barbecue sauce and duct tape together. It probably would be very messy.


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