Meal planning, among other things

So here’s my meal plan for the next two weeks.

Sunday–chicken salad sandwiches and coleslaw

Monday–Beef enchiladas and “Latin” rice (recipe from seriously love these people. They are my culinary spirit animals.)

Tuesday–Salmon burgers and sweet potato fries


Thursday–Tacos (duh!) with Mexican rice

Friday–Hamburgers and sweet potato fries

Saturday–Pasta primavera (got the recipe from

Sunday-Honey-walnut shrimp and “Asian” (assuming I can find something at the store called Asian) rice (another recipe from

Monday–Hotdogs and potato chips

Tuesday–Tacos and some kind of rice (Probably Mexican, might be plain ol’ Latin though)

Wednesday–Spaghetti and garlic bread

Thursday–Hamburgers (again) and sweet potato fries

Friday–Leftover Surprise (whatever is left over..that’s the surprise!)

That’s the first part of this post..pretty boring and if you stuck with me this long, I am amazed. And happy. But also amazed.

And on to the slightly more interesting second part.

I posted on a message board that I wasn’t sure if I had the right to feel annoyed and maybe even slightly angry that we didn’t have anything big planned for this summer. I don’t know that I DO have the right to feel annoyed and/or angry because I am the direct cause of the lack of cash which has led us to not have any summer vacation plans planned. And as I was told growing up, if YOU are the cause of the situation, you don’t get to get mad that it’s not going your way. Holy crap, y’all…you would’ve thought I said I wish I had a million dollars and now I was extremely mad I don’t have a million dollars.

I was informed that

  • if I don’t like to go camping, there is something wrong with me (I don’t like camping. Sleeping on the ground with the bears and the bitey insects and pooping in an outhouse is not my idea of fun. Like..ever.)
  • if I don’t like baseball, then there is something wrong with me AND I’m un-American, apparently. (I’m a football kinda gal. Baseball bores me stupid. The last game we went to, I was more entertained by watching a group of drunken sorority sisters in their matching teeshirts than I was by the actual game)
  • that if I’m not seeing a therapist and taking all kinds of drugs, I’m not anxiety-ing and depression-ing right and I need to fix this like yesterday. (WTF?)
  • if I like travelling AT ALL then there MUST be something wrong with me because don’t I know travel is EXPENSIVE and stuff? And foreign countries are DANGEROUS? (Um…ok. Yeah. I’m not even going to touch that. Not with a ten foot flaming pole)
  • I’m a horrible person for travelling as much as I do when SOME people don’t even get to take staycations even once..not ONCE in their entire lives. (Oh dear me. Let me clutch my pearls some more, ok? And get me some smelling salts. I feel faint.)
  • I don’t actually have driving anxiety and that if I don’t like driving on the freeway/highway, I’m just LAZY. OR that I do have driving anxiety but it’s not as bad as I think it is.
  • I need to spend the money I would’ve spent on a vacation on building a “she-shed” or fixing up the deck as an enclosed porch. (No. Mostly because it’s Texas and I wouldn’t get to use it that much because it’s crazy hot out and the deck is mostly in the sun all day so I would roast like a roasted thing out there.)
  • Since I can’t afford to fly,  I should DEFINITELY look into train travel. It’s a lot cheaper, donchaknow? (Um no. Just no. I don’t like being trapped in a narrow flying cigar case for two hours. Being stuck in a ROLLING narrow cigar case for at least a day or more would drive me straight up batty. Same goes for travelling by bus. Just no.)
  • That I should be ashamed of liking to cruise because it’s terrible for many, many reasons that mostly involve cost, the fact that you’re on a great big boat with 2,000+ people, the food is terrible and you’re stuck in the middle of the ocean. Plus the whole “Foreign countries are dangerous” thing which I mentioned before.

Well you know what, judgey internet people? You can go take a flying leap off a short pier for all I care. Because travel is the thing I love to do more than anything and that’s probably never going to change. I will probably ALWAYS love cruising because it gives me a chance to tag-team with my husband and each of us can take turns being with our son while the other goes off and does something they like and it’s easy and fun and NOBODY GETS LOST. Except me. Because I am directionally impaired.

So please..judgey internet people..go eat a flaming pineapple and chase it with some Thai ghost chili infused vodka.


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