Nolites te bastardes carborundorum

Unfortunately, the bastards HAVE been grinding me down lately.


So instead of just making everything password protected (I still haven’t decided about that by the way), I’m just going to stop. For now. Maybe delete everything I ever wrote, overhaul everything and start over as one of those preppy, fresh-faced moms who seem to have it all together and blog about the four thousand uses of kale. Or something.

Because what I’m doing doesn’t seem to be working. I’m not funny. I’m not clever. I’m not smart. I am (according to certain people who’ve been more present than I would like in recent days) just an ignorant white trash idiot who goes blundering about like a bull in a china shop with her stupid white trash ideas of what’s funny and clever and smart.

I guess I’m going to have to fake who I am for the world to like me. Because right now NOBODY likes me for who I actually am.


6 thoughts on “Nolites te bastardes carborundorum

  1. Hon, you gotta accept yourself and like yourself first before you start giving a crap about what other people think about you.

    You feel compelled to write. . . write! You feel compelled to craft. . . Craft! You are the only person responsible for your happiness.

    Listen to this song:


  2. 😦 F*$k em. Clever and funny are objective and smart is relative so what’s it matter what they think? Which is so much easier to say or to hear than to actually believe but that doesn’t change the truth of it.


  3. NO Girl! I came over from our Bromo board. Don’t listen to the trolls. This is YOUR blog, YOUR story, YOUR writing. It matters not one bit what they say….not one!

    Can you block them? If not, ignore and delete their comments….or turn comments off or restrict them?

    See people who go out of their way to repeatedly read another’s persons blog and spew hate is unhappy in their own life. They have to actually go out and pursue hating on people to make themselves feel more valuable. This is your space in the blog world. If they so hate what you have to share, then why do they keep coming back?


    1. I don’t know why they keep coming back but maybe..maybe if I clean things up, if I make things that are more acceptable to the general public, I won’t get hated on so much.


  4. Haters gonna hate, we all have to figure out why we write and then remember no matter what shit happens. If we get very few readers, if some don’t like it, if it doesn’t get published. The act of writing, expression, and creativity, is a bold good act do it and keep doing it. At least that’s the advice I give myself. Plus I love seeing into other people’s lives and perspectives. Own your story, also please never call yourself white trash, you are so much more than that.


  5. Don’t let the idiots change you. The world doesn’t need another fake person glorifying the ridiculous trends of today’s “perfect” mother. What the world needs is you being you. You would never tell your child to hide his true self (even the parts that drive you crazy) just to make the crowd happy.

    Take a break, recompose yourself, these are understandable things to do in your circumstances. But changing yourself and What you do to suit them is not what needs to happen.

    Lots of love!

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