Back from..somewhere

I don’t really want to say was kind of awesome about 95% of the time but I’m afraid if I talk about it, I’m just going to be bombarded with trolls telling me what a horrible person I am for going on vacation when OMG they haven’t been on vacation in pretty much their entire lives so why the hell should I get to go ANYWHERE because IT”S NOT FAIR!!!

Or something along those lines.

I got to do some things I’ve never done before, so that was nice. And now I’m good and exhausted (because we just got back in a few hours ago) and I think I’m going to go to bed. I probably won’t go to sleep, because I’m exhausted but probably too exhausted to sleep right now (this happens all the frigging time, unfortunately) so I’ll just lay there and snorgle my kitties (who have forgiven me for leaving them all alone for an entire week) and contemplate how to rework my blog to be less offensive to the surprisingly easily offended.

Or I’ll sing Ozzy Osbourne songs in my head. I’m not sure which.



4 thoughts on “Back from..somewhere

  1. It seems ridiculous that internet strangers would be annoyed at you for sharing your good fortune, but people do it on the internet all the time. Like if you can’t handle other people’s success and happiness, you probably just shouldn’t be a part of society. That said I love reading about people’s vacations it inspires me to see what I can do next, especially when they share tips about how they were able to make it all come together.


    1. I know but I have to be careful now. Which sucks.

      Because it’s not like we don’t work our asses off to be able to go the places we go and do the things we do. You can’t take it with you when you go, so you might as well spend it now when you can enjoy it. We’re saving some for retirement of course, because to not do that would be stupid.

      The way things are, we’ll both probably have to work (at least part time anyway) until the day we drop dead. Might as well take a week or two here or there when we can to enjoy things NOW while we’re still relatively young and mostly healthy.


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