I need a vacation from my vacation

Also…a robot butler/maid.


Because coming home from vacation is always a little stressful. Right now I’ve got a week’s worth of laundry piled up that I’m TRYING to work my way through AND some groceries that need put away (mostly stuff that goes in the pantry and some bread) but the house (despite my spending 4 days prior to leaving town) is starting look like a disaster zone and it’s stressing me out. I feel extremely overwhelmed to the point I don’t even want to do anything except hide under the covers and watch Netflix, which Hubs says is just fine but he really doesn’t get sometimes how much a messy house stresses me out.

Maybe I can conquer this beast tomorrow. I’m going to TRY at least. Happy 4th of July everybody!


2 thoughts on “I need a vacation from my vacation

  1. I worked from home today (for ridiculous reasons I’ve not written about yet) – upside being that I got the washing done. You realise how sad your life has become when you’re unreasonably happy because you got to the bottom of the washing basket…


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