How long THIS time?

Last year, on the jogging track in our HOA was blocked for several months by a fallen tree which the HOA board swore they were going to take care of. It shouldn’t have taken months to get it taken care of though. Along one side of the jogging track (next to a long fence that borders a couple houses) are several other trees that are leaning severely and I wondered how long it would take for another one to fall. Well, I found out exactly how long it was going to take today.

I apologize for the crappy picture but you can clearly see that the tree is blocking the path. When a tree fell last year, it was almost in exactly the same spot. There’s another tree (out of frame) that looks like it’s going to go over too. I’m just happy nobody was there when it happened and got hurt. But it’s hard to use the jogging track if there’s a freaking TREE blocking it.

If it’s not taken care of in a month, I may have get a group of homeowners together to protest. Our HOA board, which is supposed to take care of these things, has historically done a SUPER sloppy job of it. I’m almost afraid to mention the deep pits (like at least ankle deep on me) in the surface of the pool on the bottom in a couple places because I know from this happening in the past that in order to FIX the problems they have to drain the pool and resurface it. Which takes FOR BLOODY FREAKING EVER because the HOA doesn’t do anything in even remotely resembling a quick manner. EVER. And I don’t want to be the one responsible having the pool shut down for the rest of the season (which will stretch in to late September) because people will be upset. I’d rather risk accidentally spraining an ankle by tripping over a pit (which you can’t see because of the color of the water and the surface of the pool being white) than have the pool closed because I spoke up.

And speaking of pool things…the pool has been open for two bloody months now. Where are the CCTV cameras they promised to purchase to help cut down on theft and vandalism and people leaving their crap all over the place? NOWHERE TO BE FRIGGING SEEN.

Of course.

And the guard they supposedly hired only seems to have a passing acquaintance with our pool.

Eff the HOA. If it didn’t cost so much to move, I’d probably move at this point.


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