I think I just invented the newest fitness craze

So I know Hot Yoga is a thing. And lots of people ride stationary bikes to get and stay fit. And dancing is totally a thing.

I think I just invented the newest fitness craze–Hot Stationary Bike Dancing.

Although I did go out and walk this morning before it got crazy hot, I felt like I needed to exercise some more this evening but this being Texas and July, it’s like 100 degrees out right now and I really didn’t feel like dragging my ass through the hot, steamy (since it rained last night) air. I did that this morning and if it hadn’t been for the Diet Dr. Pepper I stopped for at the 7-11 that’s on one of my usual routes, I probably wouldn’t have made it. BUT…I have a cruddy old exercise bike in the garage. The kind where the handles move back and forth in time with the pedals. AND…again..because Texas in freaking JULY..my garage is a sweatbox. I’ve found that if I put my hands on the handles and move my arms back and forth with the handles, I get tired REALLY quickly for some reason. Like it seriously wears me the heck out. But I felt stupid just SITTING there with my legs going but basically doing nothing else. So I started dancing, because I had my Dirty Dancing soundtrack playlist going.

I am now a sweaty mess…time for a shower. But seriously..hot stationary bike dancing..this could be a thing.

Just remember I invented it. 😛


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