I don’t know who you speak for, but it’s not for me

Hateful, mean, awful people make me sad. Hateful, mean, awful people who spew their hate all over the place like Maunaloa blowing her frigging top make me VERY sad.

My womb, even if I were fertile as the fields, is not now nor has it ever been a weapon and I’d thank you not to turn it into one for the expansion of a made up kingdom of a maybe real maybe not (I don’t discount the possibility) deity I don’t believe in. While I don’t know a LOT about the religion of Islam or the Quran, I do know a few devout Muslims and they are very nice people. The women are marching on DC and elsewhere (and yes, they are normal, despite what you say) are still fighting for our rights–our rights to breed or not as we please, the right to have abortions or not as we choose, the right to choose to be who we want to be, to believe what we want to believe.

I don’t know who you speak for, ActivistMommy, but you do not speak for me. I don’t WANT you or others like you to speak for me. I don’t want people to think that because I share your skin color, your gender and (at least very, VERY nominally) your faith that I am like you–filled with hatred for anybody who’s not like me, filled with hatred for anybody who doesn’t worship in the same ways, filled with hatred for anybody that is LGBTQwhatever.

ActivistMommy, you make me sad. You make me sad that this kind of behavior is not only tolerated, but encouraged. Because it’s wrong..hate, in whatever form you choose to spew it out, is wrong.

Call me a hippie. Call me a liberal (which OK..I probably am. I don’t care much for political labels though). Call me a damn crazy whose been corrupted by whoever is pissing you off now..the right. The muslims. The feminists. I don’t care. I will go on trying to (in my own small way, wherever I can) fix the damage that you and people like you do every single minute of every single day. I WILL be friends with muslims. I WILL support the LGBTQwhatever movement and marriage equality. I WILL support the right to good health care, sex ed, abortion and pregnancy prevention. I will, in my own small, quiet way, continue to be the kind of quiet feminist (though I don’t usually call myself that at all) I’ve always been.

Yes..we have the right to vote, but we had to fight to get it. We’re still fighting every day for wage equality, for gender equality, for a thousand things that make you angry because they’re not what you like, they’re not exactly what you think and what you’ve been taught to think by people who hate all your life.

You do not speak for me, ActivistMommy, and I’d appreciate if you quit saying that you spoke for ALL women. Because you don’t.


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