In the summertime when the weather is hot

Working out in the summer always just kills me because I work out outside.

This morning’s 3 mile trek went something like this.


At the start

Me: Ok, we can do this. Huuuuh! YAH! WE ARE WONDERWOMAN! Rawr!

My brain: Dafuq?

About halfway through

Me: We can do this. We’re halfway done.

My brain: I hate you.

Three quarters of the way through

Me: Isn’t this great?

My brain: We are hot. We are sweating like pigs. THIS IS NOT FUN. Whose idea was this?

Me: Uh..mine?

My brain: You suck.

This afternoon, I decided to double down (as I call it) and do some half swim/half walk laps in the pool.

At the start of my laps

Me: This water feels so nice and cool.

My brain: Dafuq? Whose bright idea was this?

Me: Uh..mine?

Laps 1 through about IDK..5

My brain: I hate you I hate you I SO HATE YOU RIGHT NOW. This is too haaaaaaaard.

Me: Shut up. You’re going to make me lose count.

My brain: Grr.

Laps 6 through about 15

Me: See? This is easy, right?

My brain: Um..maybe? Ok. Alright maybe it’s not SO bad.

Random lady at the pool: You need to stop making that face. It’s not nice.

Me: Huh? mean the look where I’m concentrating?

Random Lady: Yes.

Me: Uh..OK.

My brain: She’s weird. She has the entire pool to herself since we’re the only ones here and she has to stare at your face long enough to realize you’re making that weird Klingon face of concentration?

Me: I know.

Lap 16-18


Me: No you’re not.

My brain: And who are you, the proud lord said, that I should bow so looooww?

Me: Dafuq? What is THAT?

My brain: The..rains of Castamere?


My brain: To uh..take your mind off how hard this is right now?

Me: Um..OK. Carry on!

My brain: Only a cat of a different coat, that’s all the truth I knoooowww

Lap 19:

Me: Oh god my arms are tired.

My brain: Can I

Me: No.

My brain: I hate you.

Lap 20


Me: I know.



2 thoughts on “In the summertime when the weather is hot

  1. The tired arms thing made me laugh out loud – when I used to go running a couple of times a week, it would always amaze me how my arms got so tired. I used to spend the second half hour of each run thinking about how far was left – pretty much all the time.

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  2. A lot of times, I’ll do my laps and then I’ll spend the next hour, hour and a half playing catch with my son. Or rather. the top of half of me is playing catch while I’m sort of jogging in place underwater so that by the time we leave, my legs are SO exhausted. It’s like dragging two bags of concrete.


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