Let’s All Go To The Movies


So, because we have the DVD/Blu-Ray rental option through Netflix, I’ve been trying to plan a different theme for every month and pick movies only from that theme. Past themes have included “A Salute To Baz Luhrman”, “Summertime” and “A Tribute To Patrick Swayze”. I’ve already got the movies for August (“Back to School”) nailed down and I’m working on September (“Female Friendships/Frenemies”). I’ve got about 20 movies listed, but I’m trying to narrow it down to 4. So this is where you come in–I need you to help me narrow down my list.

What I’m going to do is split the list into groups of 5 and let the voting go on for 2 days before posting the next group of 5. Easy, right?

So here’s the first group of 5:

  1. Thelma and Louise (which I have never seen)
  2. Beaches (which I’ve never seen either. Clearly I was a little deprived in the 80s)
  3. Steel Magnolias (which is one of my all time favorites, but don’t let that sway you)
  4. The Divine Secrets Of The Ya Ya Sisterhood
  5. The Help (which this is one of my favorite books but I’ve never seen the movie)

So vote early, don’t vote often (because I won’t count your vote more than once) and only pick one movie, please. 🙂


I’ll let you know the results on Monday and post the next group of 5.

3 thoughts on “Let’s All Go To The Movies

  1. Oooooh! Fun! I vote for The Help. The book was amazing, and the movie was one of the few times that I didn’t feel totally let down by a movie adaptation of a book.

    Plus, I mean…Octavia Spencer. She’s a genius in every movie that she graces with her presence.


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