Don’t make me angry. You won’t like me when I’m angry.

I may not yell at people in public when things go wrong, but I will write very angry emails to their store.

Last Wednesday, we had to attend my neighbors mom’s funeral. The service started promptly at 11 am, with a luncheon afterwards and then we (accompanied by a pair of motorcycle cops to part traffic) proceeded from the church to the DFW National Cemetery an hour away. We arrived earlier than expected and had to wait approximately 45 minutes for the cemetery staff to actually be ready for the service; the service itself wasn’t long…maybe just under a half an hour? We hung around and talked for maybe 15 minutes, then took the arduous hour drive home.

After arriving home me and hubby were both famished, but much too tired for food so we ended up hitting the local Micky D’s. When we arrived at the drive-thru and tried to place an order the person manning the window pretended not to understand him. Then he was told that their ice cream machine was broken, so he couldn’t order the shake he wanted.

They asked us twice what my son wanted, even though we’d already told them. When we pulled up to the window, he reads the order back and the order was entirely still not correct. A manager was called, and she told us she was going to fix it. So we have to pull up to a parking spot, because it’s going to take some time. Hubs is visibly annoyed at this point.

When they bring the order out, they forget my son’s milk and then take an undetermined, but far-and-away longer time then it should have to grab a simple drink from a mini fridge behind the counter.

Later that evening, after my book club meeting, I go to the McDonald’s website; I fill out a complaint form, I click the “send” button and NOTHING happens. So I refresh the page, fill out all the info AGAIN and click “send”. This time it actually goes through. I got an email back from corporate this morning…I doubt they will do anything let alone talk to the incompetent staff, but boy did it sure feel good to know someone else had to deal with my fury.

Never anger a writer..they can and frequently will use the most powerful language they have at their disposal to destroy you or in the very least baste you in some cooking oil until you are fully cooked and have a crunchy exterior.

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