Autism logic strikes again

So we’ve gotten J registered for school and Hubs had to go down this morning to finalize it by showing proof of residency (even though we’ve been in this district for ten years now) and fix his schedule because they have him in the wrong elective for the second semester.

J: So I saw my schedule.

Me: Oh yeah?

J: Yeah. And you know that English teacher I had last year?

Me: Mrs. Lastname?

He gets an overly dramatic horrified look on his face.

J: I don’t like her because she makes me do WORK!

I seriously doubled over, in gut-busting laughter. I just couldn’t help it. Oh the HORROR! He has to do work.

J: Whaaaaaat? I’m not LYING. I’m not a liar because liars don’t lie.

Let that logic sink in for a moment. He’s not a liar because liar’s DON’T lie.

Autism logic strikes again.


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