I don’t give things away for free..except when I do

So I’m fairly active on Reddit’s r/Cruise subreddit, because I love to cruise and I’m fairly knowledgeable about Carnival cruising. Whenever I see somebody post that they’re a first time cruiser or about to take their first Carnival cruise, I leave a comment saying if they’ll send me a private message with their email address, I’ll be more than happy to send them a PDF I created for first time Carnival cruisers.

Then today, I got a message saying that the user wanted me to send them my PDF because she’s a travel agent for a major travel company and they want to use MY info in their “Here’s What Cruising On Carnival Is Like” packets for new clients.

I thought, “Well, at least they were honest with me.” and said “Sure…in exchange for a $25 Amazon gift card.”

They turned my offer down, which OK. Fine. No skin off my nose. I don’t mind sharing my knowledge and experience, but if you’re going to turn around and use it for business purposes, I want to be compensated. I mean, $25 isn’t really too much to ask, right?

Maybe next time I should ask for more money. Or maybe I should just start charging people for the info. I don’t know.


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