How long THIS time..part deux

It’s been a month since I reported the downed tree on the jogging path in our HOA that I use fairly frequently.

The HOA keeps giving me what I see as excuses as to WHY the tree hasn’t been taken care of yet and why they won’t remove a couple of other trees which are (or at least look like to me, the casual observer) in danger of falling over. It’s too expensive to remove a DEAD tree, let alone cut down a live one, they say.

Today they told me, “Oh we changed management companies, that’s why it hasn’t been moved yet.” I sent back a reply asking WHEN we changed management companies and if that had been done, why the homeowners hadn’t been informed. I certainly  never got any letter stating that we’d changed from one management company to the other.

In desperation a week ago, I wrote an email to a friend who works at town hall and asked her for advice. She contacted the Code Enforcement department for me and they said they spoke to the HOA president who swore the tree would be moved “in a few days”. That was on Monday. The tree is still there and the HOA has specifically said to me they have NO idea when it will be moved which means they flat out lied to Code Enforcement.

Honestly, if I had a way to do it anonymously, I’d contact the media at this point because I don’t know what else to do to get them to move their butts and get this taken care of.


::ninja edit slash update::

“We changed management companies from XYZ to Other Mgmt Company. NO we can’t tell you any information about them because..well..fuck you. We don’t really want to.”–the HOA (more or less) in response to me asking who the new management company was and who our new property manager was. We’re supposed to get a letter within the next two business days (so hopefully by Tuesday) with all the info.

That made me want to seriously reach through the computer screen and slap somebody. Instead, I went to the new management company’s website (thank you Google) and wrote them a scathing email expressing my current dissatisfaction and how I want this issue resolved IMMEDIATELY.

I seriously doubt they’re going to do crap, despite the HOA board assuring me they are “SO SO much better” than our previous management company.




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