Sorry I tried to be helpful and stuff

So apparently I’m banned from the /r/Cruise subreddit because I was helpful to people.

Which makes ZERO sense whatsoever. Apparently, trying to be helpful is now annoying or something.

THIS IS WHY I DO NOT LIKE HELPING PEOPLE! Because either they try to take advantage of me, like the travel agent who straight up asked for me to send them the PDF I made for new Carnival cruisers (which I had been offering freely to anyone) and TOLD ME straight out they were GOING to use it for their own purposes AT WORK and said “Yeah no, I can’t pay you for this.” To be fair, they were  nice about it and I appreciate they told me they only wanted it so they could use it in their own work.  But I got the distinct feeling that they thought I was going to be stupid enough to give it up for free. Which, had they not told me they were going to use it for work, I would have. Because I’m an idiot apparently.

OR I get told I’m annoying and a scammer because I’m offering to email the PDF to people who are interested. I’m not forcing people to give me their information, for crying out freaking loud.  This is what I get for trying to be helpful, apparently. Somebody remind me never to be helpful again.



2 thoughts on “Sorry I tried to be helpful and stuff

  1. I have an old telescope that I once asked about routes to sell in an astronomy forum. I got banned within 30 seconds because you were not supposed to advertise – even though I was not advertising. Some little nerd banned me for the hint of selling something lol.

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