Round Three Is Now Closed

So round 3 of the “Which Movies About Female Friendship/Frenemies Should I Watch?” is now closed. (Don’t forget, I also polled my FB feed as well.)

And the votes are as follows.

The Women=0 votes

Waiting to Exhale=0 Votes

Snow Flower And the Secret Fan=o votes

Boys On The Side=1 Vote

The Joy Luck Club=1 Vote

Since two movies had one vote, I virtually flipped a coin (I couldn’t find an actual coin because..well..I didn’t want to get up and look for one.) and it was heads. So Boys On The Side it is.

Here’s the picks for the final round of voting.

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Set It Off

Mean Girls

The Color Purple

Mona Lisa Smile

Girl, Interrupted

Bring It On


2 thoughts on “Round Three Is Now Closed

  1. Going to go with Mona Lisa Smile — I own it and watch it at least once a month. It’s one of my go-to feel good chick movies.


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